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Poppy tries to live authentically and in the moment. She shares her life with her dashing husband, darling daughter and curious kitty. She is a Maine native, but is currently living "away." She is a devotee of Hera, and adores birds, forests, and the wind. Please visit her blog Indigo Hourglass.

Review: Earth Magic Oracle Cards

I have to admit that I love using the Earth Magic Oracle Cards by Steven D. Farmer! I typically use this deck for readings when something is bothering me, but I can’t quite put a finger on what is causing my angst. This oracle helps me to dig deeper into my psyche and draw out the base issues that are blocking me.

Physically, the deck is not as polished as others that I have reviewed recently. The cards are lightweight with a gloss similar to a deck of regular playing cards. I’ve noticed that they cards tend to stick together and can be a real pain to shuffle. They do not have gilded edges.

I love the card’s back artwork. It is a tree and its mirror image in a pond. It appears to be the tree at dawn and at dusk all at the same time. There is a meadow around the pond, and a bird (possibly a crane?) is standing in the water. The artwork on the back matches the card called “Tree – Grounding”, which is described in the guidebook as representing the work of bringing yourself back into balance with the earth’s energies.

The artwork on the cards themselves is a compilation of many types of art work from different artists. The small guidebook that comes with the deck does give all the artists’ information, just in case you want to find out more about these talented people! In general, the artwork is just gorgeous and inspiring! The images are titled with words describing earthly features (ie: ‘Clouds’), but also natural cycles (ie: “Summer Solstice”), nature spirits (i.e.: “Green Man”), and a few larger concepts (ie: “Love”). Beneath each of the titles of the cards is a subtitle that gives you more direction about what  the meaning of the card is. You can use the guidebook to look up a description of the card to help interpret the reading.

The spread I typically use with this deck really isn’t a spread at all. I just shuffle and then lay out three cards. These three cards go right to the source of my issue, even if I don’t understand what my issue really is! I read the three cards together, so it doesn’t matter what order the three cards land in. I have found this oracle to be very accurate with identifying my concerns just under the surface on my conscious mind and offering me excellent insight on how I can begin untangling my emotions and resolving the issue.

Have you used this oracle? What do you think? Please comment and let us know!

Oracle Author’s Website, Steven D. Farmer:



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Review: The Enchanted Map Oracle Cards

The Enchanted Map Oracle Cards by author Colette Baron-Reid and artist Jena DellaGrottaglia is a fairly new deck with a strong presence. It was released in 2011 and is distributed all over the world, and it is easy to see why! The cards represent concept words/phrases with vivid, dream-like images. These image and word pairings invite you travel to a different world and delve deeply into your psyche to guide you.

This deck contains 54 cards and a small guidebook. The cards are gilded and laminated with a silky finish. The art on the back of the cards is a drawing of a compass with astrological symbols etched around it and bursting with light from its center.

Truthfully, this deck is worth owning for the artwork alone. The images are so captivating that I highly suggest that you read through the guidebook once, and then just put it away. I have found that the magick of this oracle is that the artist’s fantastical landscapes will draw you in and show you possibilities and pathways.

I recommend that you shuffle the cards well and then spread them all face-down on a table. Run your “receiving” (non-dominant) hand across the cards slowly until you come to a card that makes the tips of your fingers tingle. Select that card, because it has a message for you right now.  Read the card’s guiding words or phrase to ponder as you relax into a comfortable seated position and close your eyes.

In your mind’s-eye, imagine the card slowly expanding into a portal or doorway in front of you. You can step into the card’s realm through the portal and journey to its far-away land. Spend some time here, looking at all the creatures, plants, people, and the landscape itself. What messages do you receive from them?  How does what you see relate to the words on the card itself? What are the connections to your life?

When you are ready, imagine the card’s portal opening once more. Step across the threshold, and you will be returned safely to your own sacred space, carrying with you the new insight and personal revelations your card has shared with you. Allow these images and ideas to settle into your mind for a few minutes, and then write them down in a journal. You may not fully understand them at first, but with time, their meaning may become more apparent.

Of course, you can look up the card’s “meaning” in the guidebook that comes with the deck, but I guarantee you that your journey experience within the card is going to be far more relevant than what any booklet can tell you. Not to say that the “meanings” that the author has attributed are wrong or not thoughtful, but that your mind is the best interpreter with an oracle reading of this nature.

Feel free to share your journey with us here at EarthTides! We’d love to hear from you!

Here’s some links for more information about this oracle:

Author’s website:

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Psyche’s Playground

It is easy to get overwhelmed by all the choices in divination methods when you are seeking to connect and receive advice from the spirit realm. In this new column, I hope to share reviews of a variety of divination tools and methods of use.

Review: Life Purpose Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

At first glance, although this deck looks beautiful, I was skeptical that it has anything to offer me. I mean, I have never been drawn to angels or sought out their guidance, but this deck seemed to really catch my eye, so I thought I would give it a try!


The deck comes in a small cardboard box with a tiny, softcover guidebook that gives you insight on the meaning of each of the cards, and a couple of ideas on spreads that can help you more clearly interpret the cards. The booklet is offers the standard brief introduction to how to cleanse, consecrate, shuffle, and perform a spread. Nothing particularly exciting there, but I can understand that this deck might be someone’s first exposure to divination.

Physical Cards

The cards are made of a lightweight cardstock with a high gloss finish. They are very slick to the touch and shuffle with ease, but you really have to hold on to them while shuffling because otherwise they will slide right out of your hand. All four edges of the cards are beautifully gilded, and gold does not seem to flake off and leave your hands sparkly.

Card Features

Each card has a title, image, and description. The card titles are described in the guidebook as “life missions” to help give you guidance and clarity about your life’s purpose and path. Some examples of card titles that reflect an actual career ideas include: “Environmentalist” and “Author.” Other cards are more geared towards actions; examples of these cards are “Practice” and “Study.” Then there are other cards to help you deal with any issues at hand, like “Time to Decide” and “Let Go.”


All the artwork in this deck features angels. The guidebook explains that Doreen Virtue believes that before we are born, angels help “orchestrate” our life’s mission, so they play a central role in our journey on the earthly realm. I understand that many Pagans reject the concept that we all have a pre-determined destiny, but you don’t have to subscribe to that belief in order to enjoy using this deck.

The artwork style of these cards is varied, because different artists contributed to making this oracle deck. Some images are more classical in nature, and others are modern interpretations of what the angels would look like if they walked among us. An example of this would be the “Children” card that features children riding on the back of a lion with an angel walking beside them, and the “Travel” card that features a male angel, dressed in a suit, sitting in an airport terminal and typing on a laptop. Now, I know you are probably thinking that these modern images sound hokey, but I found them kind of charming. The cards do not have a border, which I prefer, but they do have scrollwork near the bottom that gives the cards a touch of elegance in an otherwise plain design.

The reverse side of each card features a drawing of a brunette female figure with angel wings wearing a blue dress holding a painter’s palette and brushes, standing in a doorway. The background color is a sage green that fades darker at the edges of the card with a mottled and textured appearance. I find the image appealing, because the figure appears to be in a contemplative yet creative state of mind.

Interpreting the Cards

The short descriptions on the cards give the reader enough information to quickly understand the card’s message and begin to apply it to their situation. The reader can go to the guidebook for a little more information about the card, but the booklet doesn’t elaborate too extensively. The reader will still need to draw heavily upon their intuition like all other forms of divination.

Suggested Use

I like using this deck for what I call a “Waterfall” reading. I ask a question, and then select a card. Then, this card raises yet another question, so I ask it, and draw another card, and the answers “cascade” out of the deck. I usually do three questions, but I have done up to five questions and gained really good insight from the experience.

For example, I ask the oracle “How will I know what the right career is for me?” I draw the “Healer” card. Okay, my instinct tells me that I have to heal before I can find my path. So, I ask the oracle “What do I have to heal?”, and draw the “Trust” card. Hmm…okay, so now I ask “What do I have to do to help heal my trust issues?”, and I drew the “Infinite Abundance” card. This card is about devoting yourself to your path. I interpret this as saying that before I can find the right career path for myself, I need to work on trusting my instincts and forging my own way.


This oracle deck has really grown on me! I find the images soothing and reassuring, while the card’s messages are broadly focused to slowly guide me to the answers I need in the moment. I don’t think I will be using this deck for daily readings, but I definitely see the potential in using it on a cyclical basis, perhaps as part of my solstice and equinox observances, when the seasonal shifts bring times of change and new possibilities.


If you would like to watch a video from Doreen Virtue herself about this deck, check out this link:

If you want to see a video that shows the cards in more detail, check out this link:


If you have had any experience with this oracle deck, please post a comment and share you thoughts!

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