We make no claim as to the value or safety of any of these events, and caution everyone to rely on their own best judgment when assessing any situation, particularly those involving strangers. That said, we also encourage you to participate in as wide a spectrum of the Pagan community as you can, both for your own enjoyment and because our community needs your positive energy and good fellowship.

List Your Event: As a service to the Maine Pagan community, and our Mission, we seek to list as many events as possible that would be of interest to Maine Pagans.  Please share your event here so others can find you!

All we ask is that events be “non-profit” — that is, that any fees for participating not exceed the reasonable cost of putting on the event.

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Please do include some way to contact you for more information about your event. If you have questions about the form or your calendar listing you can email us here.